Elementary, Middle, High School, and everything in between. Elevation Flooring understands the unique needs of various educational environments and has the experience necessary to make your project a resounding success.


Whether it is a cafeteria, a gym,  a hallway, or a classroom, each project will require a unique flooring solution to meet the demands of the school environment.

We combine an understanding of the importance of this environment with our expertise to deliver the optimal flooring solution for any project.

Evidence Based Design

Following the outline of evidence-based design, flooring can innovate by using color palettes, furniture positioning, and final touches that augment the learning environment.

This can translate to student behaviors that are conducive to learning and maintaining the classroom environment.

For example, the optimal hallway should be resilient and durable to withstand constant daily use.  It also should make it easy for students and school employees to find their way around the school.

Or, in the case of Gym flooring, the floor should be easy to sanitize, and durable to constant, sometimes heavy impact. But at the same time, the flooring should be soft enough to protect someone who falls on it.

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