Commercial Carpet

Carpet Overview

As a direct result of their performance in a wide range of applications, Broadloom and carpet tiles are utilized more than any other commercial flooring type. They’re some of the most capable, high-quality, and reliable flooring materials on the market.

Broadneck Branch Library – Annapolis, MD

Elevation Flooring

Elevation Flooring provides commercial carpet installation services and can help you select the material that will provide optimal long-term value for your project. On this page you will find specific information regarding the design, budget, and installation that can help you to make the best decision possible.

Design Considerations

From carpet tile and broadloom to walk-off and static, we provide a range of carpet types to suit the design needs of any environment. With Elevation Flooring, you don’t need to sacrifice looks for reliable functionality and ongoing performance.

In addition to beating out other flooring materials in terms of overall life cost, noise reduction, and flexibility of use, carpet can be used in almost limitless varieties.

Brooklyn Park Library – Baltimore, MD

Budget Constraints

Elevation Flooring provides unique consulting that goes further than inspecting  costs of materials and commercial installations. We take a complete life cycle system approach to enable you to understand both the long and short-term benefits and drawbacks of the solution you seek to implement.

The Installation

From the leading edge Vertical Installation Technology (VIT) to adopting the latest in innovative flooring technologies, our team of specialists is equipped to handle any installation project you can throw at us.

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