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Ceramic & Stone Overview

Ceramic and Stone tiles are found throughout Commercial Flooring as they can be used in a number of environments: office buildings, retail shops, restaurants, event venues, stadiums, and hospitality. Elevation Flooring has delivered on ceramic and stone projects and can help with taking on your next one.

Commercial ceramic tile can refer to a wide variety of tile materials that typically are made from clay and then heated at very high temperatures. Stone tile is found naturally and consists of materials directly from the Earth.

Salon Plaza – Glen Burnie, MD

The Basics

Ceramic Tile flooring is usually one of the following types: Porcelain or Non-Porcelain. 

Porcelain tiles are resilient and durable, also being resistant to water. They are heavier than Non-Porcelain tiles, and have a smoother texture. Non-Porcelain tiles are best used for lower amounts of expected resistance, however they do come at a lower price then Porcelain tiles.

Stone flooring is heavy and resilient and each piece is unique, differing in texture, design, and color.


Ceramic tile can be glazed to make almost any color. It can also be rearranged to a design that you specify.

Porcelain tile, a type of Ceramic tile, is heated at a higher temperature than general Ceramic tile. This makes it more dense and more durable.

​Stone flooring is used in a number of environments and offers a premium finish for any project.

Cafe Du Parc – Washington, DC

Martini Bar – Baltimore, MD

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